Monday 3 July 2017

Introduction and disclaimer

Thank you for checking out my website and for your interest in my work. The purpose of the website is to review the evidence on various topics in the health and fitness industry and to provide professionals with practical, take home information.

Before you read any further I’d like to offer a ‘disclaimer’ of sorts

1) The information on the website isn’t and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. It’s tough to paint in broadstrokes as every individual is different and every training and/or rehab intervention needs to be tailored to the individual to maximize results & minimize risk of harm. As such I do not take any liability for use or misuse of the information on the website.

2) Going in hand with #1 the website is tailored towards health and fitness professionals not the layperson.

3) My views are solely mine from the evidence and from my experiences and do not represent those of the University of Waterloo, Western University, Bayshore Physical Therapy, Impact Physiotherapy & Performance, or any other companies or organizations that I am (or have been) affiliated with.

4) We all have different views on things based on the evidence we’ve read (or done), our experiences, our educational background, our biases, and the populations we work with. As such I hope that you will read & critically think about my material and not just take it for granted. 

1 comment:

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